SE & Water System Integration



At Holtkamp Investment LTD, we focus on harnessing the potential of solar energy to address complex, real-world problems. One such instance is our project with a rural community in Nigeria that was grappling with a serious water scarcity issue.


The community’s primary water source was a ground well that relied on an outdated, diesel-powered pump, leading to high operational costs and unreliable service. Given the area’s ample sunlight, the community sought a more sustainable, cost-effective solution to address their water needs.


Holtkamp proposed the installation of a solar-powered water pumping system. Our team conducted an initial site assessment, including solar resource analysis and the determination of water requirements. Based on the data collected, we designed a bespoke solar-powered water pumping system that would satisfy the community’s daily water needs.

The system consisted of high-efficiency solar panels, a robust solar-powered pump, and a backup battery storage system. Additionally, we implemented a water storage solution to ensure a steady supply of water, even during periods of low sunlight.

The Results

With the new system in place, the community now has access to a consistent and reliable water supply. The operational costs have significantly dropped due to the elimination of diesel fuel expenses, and the environmental impact has also been greatly reduced.

Moreover, the community expressed gratitude for the educational component of our service, as we conducted workshops to train local residents on the operation and maintenance of the new system.


This case study illustrates Holtkamp Investment LTD’s ability to leverage solar energy to solve vital issues, such as water scarcity, in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. It underscores our commitment to delivering sustainable solutions that empower communities while respecting and preserving our natural resources.