Enhancing Technical Education



Yenagoa, a rural area in Nigeria, struggled with limited access to technical education due to infrastructural deficiencies and the dearth of qualified teachers. The lack of technical education hampered the youth’s opportunities for skilled employment and entrepreneurship.


The primary issue was the inaccessibility of quality technical education that could empower the youth with skills suitable for the modern workforce or for starting their own businesses. The geographical remoteness, coupled with insufficient resources, added complexity to the challenge.


Holtkamp Investment LTD, with its commitment to social innovation and education, stepped in to address this issue. The company devised an educational program designed to provide high-quality technical training remotely, leveraging digital platforms.

The program was developed in partnership with several tech companies and included courses on various technical subjects, such as computer programming, marketing, and renewable energy technology, with a special focus on solar energy in line with the company’s expertise.


To kick-start the program, Holtkamp established a digital learning center in community ABC, equipped with computers and internet connectivity powered by solar energy. The company also organized a train-the-trainer program to educate local mentors who could guide the students onsite.

In partnership with the AfricanTide Union Germany and BMBF Germany, a learning platform was developed, which allowed students to access the courses anytime. This flexible approach allowed the students to learn at their own pace and according to their own schedule.

The Results

The implementation of the technical education program revolutionized the learning landscape in Yenagoa. The youth gained valuable technical skills, leading to an increase in employment and entrepreneurial activities within the state. The success of the program drew the attention of the local government, leading to further investment in educational infrastructure in the area.


This case study highlights the transformative power of technology in education, particularly in remote communities. The success of the program in Yenagoa underscores Holtkamp Investment LTD’s commitment to fostering social innovation and positively impacting communities through education.