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We are Expanding our Capabilities in Key Emerging Verticals

We are excited to announce that we are broadening our horizons. Recognizing the ever-evolving demands of the energy landscape, we are extending our capabilities to key emerging verticals that represent the future of energy consumption and generation. Our goal is to continue providing innovative, sustainable, and efficient energy solutions while venturing into new areas that harness the potential of solar power.

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Smart Cities

The concept of Smart Cities revolves around the use of digital technology, data, and intelligent design to improve the quality of life for citizens, enhance sustainability, and streamline urban services. Solar energy plays a pivotal role in powering these urban environments, contributing to their efficiency and sustainability in several ways.

Energy Storage

The advancements in energy storage are revolutionizing the solar industry and the wider energy landscape. With the ability to store solar power effectively, we can finally harness this abundant source of clean energy to its fullest potential, transitioning towards a more sustainable and resilient energy future.


Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have revolutionized numerous sectors with their ability to reach places that were previously difficult to access, perform tasks with high precision, and gather data from vantage points that were unfeasible in the past.


The global shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) is accelerating as part of efforts to reduce carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. This transition brings a significant increase in demand for electricity and thus the need for more charging stations.

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Holtkamp’s solutions and offerings are based on years of work with leading energy and utility companies. They comprise proven methodologies, frameworks and assets to ensure successful outcomes.

Customer Experience Management

As customer expectations and communication channels evolve, we focus on providing a best‑in‑class experience leveraging digital expertise.

Smarter Utilities

Built on our experience with early smart grid adopters, Cognizant’s Smarter Utilities solutions are designed to maximize the benefits from smart grid investments.

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